Eurofood Italy Srl, based in Salerno, was established in 1993 thanks to the intuition and initiative of Domenico Porpora. The company operates in the preserved foodstuffs wholesale sector, dealing with typical products from the Italy’s culinary tradition, appreciated throughout the world for their tastiness and quality.

The extensive experience accumulated, the production processes carried out with the utmost care and the professionalism of the company’s staff have enabled Eurofood Italy Srl to record a considerable increase in the volume of its exports to numerous foreign countries over the years.

Thanks to the careful selection of raw ingredients and the variety of the products on offer, the company is able put its excellent quality, tasty and well-priced products on the tables of consumers every day.


The company’s main objective is to provide the best Italian food products to its international customers.

Eurofood Italy Srl closely observes national and international market trends, aiming to champion Italian production brands throughout the world. To this purpose, the company offers a wide range of products that preserve the genuineness and all of the organoleptic characteristics of the freshly harvested raw ingredients.

The company’s main strength is its vast range of products, offering clients the possibility of ordering assorted loads selected from the available products, meeting their specific needs.